Wilfred Avery

1970 to 1994

A one-man exhibition was held at the Archer Gallery, Grafton Street, London W1 in 1970.

Solaris 1970 Primavera 1973-1976
Solaris 1970Primavera 1973-1976

In 1972 a whole new range of colour and space was explored in a series of collages-gouaches. The oils that followed became more complex often taking the form of diptychs, triptychs and multiple canvases.


Triptych 1975
Triptych 1975

A large retrospective exhibition called 'The Evolving Image' was held at Woodlands Gallery, Greenwich in 1977.

The Point 1976Counterchange 1976-1977
The Point 1975-1979Counterpoint 1977-1979
Towner Gallery Eastbourne

In 1976 Wilfred directed the film 'David Is Homosexual' for the Lewisham Group of the Campaign for Homosexual Equality. It was extensively shown at the time and in 2017 was placed in the archive of the British Film Institute and received many further showings.

Following a move back to the West Country in 1979 the work became more linear and organic. Landscape forms and memories of early work returned. In 1982 this work was exhibited at the first Ashburton Festival in a one-man show called 'Images from Landscape'.

Turning Figure 1983-1987 Sunset Coast 1982-1990
Turning Figure 1983-1987 Sunset Coast 1982-1990