Wilfred Avery

1963 to 1969

Drawn to the source of the late cubist and surrealist work now influencing him Wilfred Avery moved to Paris in 1963. He met some of the American abstract expressionists working there, including Joan Mitchell, but he continued to use a great deal of imagery which became even more enigmatic

Mondial 1964Genesis 1963
Mondial 1964
Private Collection
Genesis 1963

After Paris, at Cagnes-sur-Mer, he began to make small collage-gouaches using photographs of athletes and footballers. This technique became a regular feature of his work for years to come.

Headland 1970
Headland 1970
Private Collection

A move to Blackheath , south east London, in 1969 brought great energy to the work. Here a series of twenty 'figures', worked on for five years, was completed. These heavily overworked and highly original paintings are seminal to the development of his images in the years ahead.

Double Elevation 1964-1969 Doge 1964-1969 Gemini 1964-1969
Double Elevation 1964-1969 Doge 1964-1969 Nocturne 1964-1969