Wilfred Avery


Spring Tide 2000 Spring Tide 2000
Spring Tide 2000

Wilfred Avery was born in South Molton, Devon in 1926. He was educated first at Barnstaple Grammar School and then at St Paul's College, Cheltenham where he studied painting with James Salmon (later the Principal of Croydon College of Art). Whilst at Cheltenham Wilfred's growing interest in modern painting was reinforced by a meeting with Paul Nash who encouraged him to look to Paris, rather than to London or New York, for the influences which would subsequently shape his work.

Wilfred Avery's paintings, neither real nor surreal, were developed from his interest in depth psychology.

Coming from a dialogue between the conscious and unconscious minds he created strangely enigmatic images. These exist in a mystical and ambiguous space - a space that both advances and recedes.

Wilfred Avery died in Eastbourne East Sussex on 26 April 2016 and his ashes were scattered at Fountains Abbey in North Yorkshire. His work is represented in public and private collections in Britain and in private collections in Europe, North America Australia and New Zealand.